Tayasir, Mon 7.11.11, Afternoon

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Daphna B. Photos by Jordan Valley Solidarity.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Tyasir CP

Translation: Dvora k.

A new game for the soldiers at the Tyasir CP: Puncturing the tires of Palestinian vehicless --- Report on the basis of oral communication.

Monday, 7/11/2011 – 16:00

I received a phone report that there are long delays at the Tyasir CP. (This has come up again and again during the last two weeks.) In addition there were reports that soldiers raised the spikes on the road when a minibus full of workers returning from work in the settlements was passin over them. All four tires of the minibus were slices.

Tuesday, 8.11. 2011–11–20

This evening again we received a telephone report from a Palestinian farmer: A truck was delivering fodder for his animals, going through Tyasir to the Jordan Valley. At the Tyasir CP the soldiers again raised the spikes as the truck was passing and the tires were cut. In addition to the incident from yesterday, reported above, the man told us that four days ago the soldiers cut the tires of a private car in the same way. I called the DCO and a police car was sent to the CP.

In both the above incidents, the soldiers laughed heartily when they saw the damaged vehicle, and it probably made them laugh to see the poor driver, who has difficulty earning his livelihood anyway. And now he has to take care of damage that will cost him hundreds if not thousands of shekels.

A complaint will be filed with the Association for Civil Rights.

Every day last week, the soldiers continued to raise the spikes in order to tear tires of cars that went through the CP. Every time they did this, they burst out laughing to celebrate the victory. They succeeded in hurting the people who work very hard and do not have the means to cope with the soldiers' armed power, with the power of the on-going oppression; people who own cars and earn their living with difficulty by driving workers, by bringing fodder for sheep. Great heroes! Each of them is a real man!!

All together this week: six cars with flat tires and one taxi whose roof broke because the soldiers brought the bar of the CP down on it!