Bethlehem, Tue 25.10.11, Morning

Rachel M., Drora P.. (Reporting). Ilil N.-B. (translating)


Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300 (Rachel’s Pass):   at 6:40 am there were long queues before the final exit.  Five lanes were operating at a steady pace, with no incidents and sometimes even a smile.  At 7:00 am the number of lanes went down to two, and at 7:10 everyone was through and on their way to work, thanking us on their way out and saying it was “all thanks to us”…
The soldiers at the checkpoint called out to Rachel and asked her what we were doing there.  Rachel explained politely.  After a few minutes, a Palestinian walked by and told us that a soldier had said it’s good that we’re watching out for Palestinian rights.  So this is how we got positive feedback from an IDF representative.
A good day.  May there be many more like it, and even better than it, hopefully.