Reihan, Shaked, Tue 8.11.11, Morning

Leila S., Hanah H. (reporting)
Translated by Yael S.

The Holiday (feast) of the Sacrifice

On our way we passed by the A'aneen checkpoint and saw some individuals as well as families cross over to pick olives. The gate was open.

07:30 - Shaked checkpoint

The site is very quiet, only 4 cars without passengers cross over on both directions.

07:50 - Reihan checkpoint

There are only a few cars at the upper car park. Pedestrians, mostly families with children, are directed to pass through the vehicles' checkpoint.

The terminal is still closed. People who arrive from the West Banks wait for the opening of the terminal. Precisely at 08:00 we hear the lpodspeaker calling: Good morning, start the flow!

7 Cars enter the inspection area, their passengers enter the terminal. Some of those crossing over go to work at the Seam Line zone and the others are families from Barta'a, either returning home, or going to the West Bank for family Holiday visits. Passage is swift. 2 windows are open.

One of the workers told us that they asked to open the checkpoint earlier (at 07:00) but to no avail.

08:30- Lively traffic on both directions.