Reihan, Shaked, Wed 2.11.11, Morning

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Nava R.

Transkated by Yael S.

07:40 - 08:40 Shaked-Tura checkpoints

All are busy with preparations for Id-el-Adcha, the upcoming Holiday next week. Only a few pedestrians as well as vehicles cross over , at this time. The soldiers work fast, no lines are formed and every car is inspected within three minutes.

08:50 - 10 :20 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

The Palestinian car park is full. The other parking area is a short distance away, up the hill east of the checkpoint. Someone tries to collect a fee of five NIS for parking.

Eight loaded trucks wait on the road .At 09:50 they enter the inspection area.

The medical van entered the inspection area without waiting.

One person told me that he wanted to start a Kiosk, for his livelihood. He had borrowed Nis 6,000, bought a container and towed it to a spot near the road going up to Mevoh-Dotan, and parked the container about five meters from the road. The Judeah and Samaria police towed the container to the Salem DCO and the man was fined for public disturbance, for creating a security hazard and for disturbance of traffic. I called the J.S Police and was told that the owner of the container should send a fax to the person in charge at the police and write down his grievances and requests. He might get his container back after paying for the tow truck, and may park it in a place where he would be given permission to do so.

10:30 I drove back through East Barta'a.

The market place is full of shoppers for the Holiday.