Bethlehem, Fri 30.9.11, Morning

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Claire Oren (reporting), Ilil Naveh-Benjamin (translating)



Bethlehem– Checkpoint 300: one lane is open, and a female soldier is sitting there in absolute silence – I didn’t hear her voice at all. The closureinfo-icon of the checkpoint is fully observed. A number of Palestinians go through, equipped with appropriate documentation. People are mostly going to Bethlehem.

A Palestinian arrives and explains he wants to visit his hospitalized son – but nothing helps and he’s sent back.

Upon leaving, I notice an announcement about an upcoming state appropriation of land near “Rachel’s Pass” in order to “improve the facility.” I hadn’t noticed it last time. Maybe it was already here, maybe not. The Hebrew version says 22.8.11, but the Arabic version has no date. The announcement consists of two letter-sized sheets glued on a yellow signpost, itself mounted on a fence near the parking lot.