Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 25.9.11, Afternoon

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Daniela G., Nava D. (reporting).

Is this change for real or merely a coincidence?
Ezion DCL, 15:30: Last Sunday there was no one in the waiting hall at 4pm though quite a few people were still inside the office; the week before we found a very pleasant and efficient soldier girl at the window, and today there are 2 people waiting in the hall to be admitted, not a soul in the office waiting to be serviced! We got in touch with the soldier who was supposed to be at the window, he showed up immediately and the two sole clients were inside. Since this was an extremely "easy" shift, we decided we'd give it a few more minutes and see how long it would take the clients to arrange for whatever they came for. Well, not more than 5 minutes went by and one of them was out with permit in hand and a warm "Shukran" for us though we had nothing to do with his getting it.
Bethlehem CP, 16:15: Lots of workers streaming in and passing freely. People coming into Jerusalem still have to present Passports, I.D.s and permits to the soldier in the only booth open, but it takes seconds and they are through.