Reihan, Shaked, Tue 25.10.11, Morning

Laila S., Hannah H. (reporting)

Translated by Dvora K.

A'anin CP – 05:55

The CP is open and some of the people have already left for work. The tempo of passage is quick; a representative of the DCO is in the CP. One of those coming out tells us that a large number of families have already received additional permits for the olive-picking season, but still some of the families have had no response.

6:05 – At least 30 people are below in the CP and still many are arriving there; from the noise that we can hear, we conclude that there are quarrels about the queue.

6:20 – A family with three tractors leaves for the olive.

6:25 – We leave, the passage of people continues in an orderly fashion.

Reihan CP – 06:35

About forty people are waiting for rides in the upper parking lot. According to them there was terrible crowding at the X-ray machine and in the inspection pavilion during the first hour (from 5:00 on). They also complain about the attitude of one of the women who works there, she 'yells all the time.'

6:40 – Seven cars are waiting to go up to the inspection shed at the vehicle CP.

We go down the sleeveinfo-icon and meet many workers leaving the terminal (thirty-five go through in five minutes). They tell us that 'now everything is fine', and that in the terminal there are many people Eight cars with goods are waiting on the road that leads to the CP and a few more are waiting in the lower parking lot.

7:00 A car emerges from the inspection pavilion after an inspection that took thirty minutes. Thirteen cars that were waiting below enter the inspection pavilion. Many workers who have already gone through the terminal are sitting in the sleeve and waiting for their rides. They will have to wait another thirty minutes.

Shaked CP – 7:15

The CP is quiet. Most of the workers have already gone through. Pedestrians are going through in both directions. The car with the teachers goes through. 7:25 – A car with students of the school and the Transit with the little children arrive. After the incident on Saturday, the cars are required to park at a distance behind the concrete barrier and only then can the driver enter the area of the CP for inspection. In addition there are frequent visits of military vehicles.

The students go through quickly as the woman soldier at the side of an armed soldier checks their schoolbags .

We were told that all the residents of the seamline zone now have to renew their permits for 'free' passage of the CP. The renewal is done collectively once in two years by the Mukhtar.