'Azzun 'Atma, Tue 2.8.11, Morning

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Leora S., Nina S., Miriam S. (reporting) Nadim



07:50 –

Azoun Atma, is empty. Passage of just a few without problems. The soldier estimate that there was a passage of about 200 people in the morning.


The tower is manned during 24 hours to enable the passage of certificate holders to the southern part.


08:47 –

Hanny Gate.View of the gate which has been the topic of our conversation at the council house of Mes'ha.


09:10 –

The head of the village and four farmers convene. We read to them all the items of the answer letter of the attorney general. They protest against inaccuracies, no agricultural road has been paved to the underground passage which leads to the Magen Dan Gate, and no agricultural implements passed through it.


The allegation that in 2008 the Hanny Gate had been opened for farmers but they chose not to pass through it is totally groundless, moreover in the following years requests had been submitted and not granted.



Hanny Gate


Hanny House

To make it clear to the readers, the Hanny Gate (1549) is an organized agricultural gate at the outskirts of Mes'ha near Hanny's house (which is separated by a fence and a small gate from the rest of the village). More than 50 farmers depend upon it in order to reach their fields. The other gatesinfo-icon Magen Dan (1567) west of Mes'ha and the Northern Mes'ha Gate(1534)  are far from the village and serve other plots. The passage through them to reach plots adjacent to Mes'ha involves considerable difficulties.

The last passage in the General Attorney's letter promises that a timely application by the residents of Mes'ha to the representatives of the civil administration at the DCO would be treated with a renewed review of the opening of the gate, also by the relevant military bodies.

In order to advance the matter we suggested that the residents of Mes'ha should begin already now to process the requests for the Hanny Gate, so that they could pass on to us the list of the applicants which would enable us to put pressure to fulfill the promise as it appears in the answering letter. 

We hope that the two parallel actions will bring about the renewed opening of the Hanny Gate at least as a seasonal gate.


Towards the end of the meeting Hany himself arrived. He to is unable to reach his own plots through the gate named after him. This indeed is a case of mockery of the poor…