Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 26.10.11, Morning

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Raya and Hagit S. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

There are vehicles behind the pillbox today at the humanitarian checkpoint, some soldiers alongside them. They don’t seem to care at the moment about what’s happening on the road.

The drive is unimpeded; we enter Kiryat Arba smoothly.

Giv’at Avichai keeps growing.  Today we see new buildings on the slope facing us, with solar water heaters.  In other words, they’re living life fully there…

The roads in Kiryat Arba are now excellent.  The sukkah at the Baruch Goldstein compound has already been dismantled (the holiday is over). 

There’s a soldier in a position on the roof of Beit Hameriva, opposite Bassam.

Farther on, Curve 160, Pharmacy, Tarpa”t checkpoint, and the streets in general – quiet, little traffic and few people.

Next to Beit Hadassah we pick up a hitchhiker who speaks almost nothing other than Russian. She says she works here and gets off at Tel Rumeida, walks up to the settlers’ neighborhood (A guess: maybe she works there as a cleaning woman?)

Two paratroopers from Battalion 890 at the post, which is now divided between both sides of the road, pleasant and communicative (they wonder:  What problems did you observe here?)

At ‘Abed’s – we meet people from TIP.  One, whom we’ve met in the past, is Turkish, he says he’s going back to Turkey next week, likes being in Israel, will be happy to return –

But not for this mission, which is pointless!!

The music from Beit Gutnick is moderately loud – it’s bearable.

There’s already fresh olive oil at Tarqumiyya’s olive press (It’s expensive this year!  The crop was small.)

We’re amazed – we crossed back through Tarqumiyya today without problems and delays.  Surprise!