'Awarta, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 6.10.11, Morning

Diran S. and Aliyah S. reporting




We started our tour through Jamma'in, Einabus and Huwwara. During the olive harvest there is almost no one to talk to, and the shops and workshops are mostly closed. The falafel stands in Huwwara are always open for business.

We had hoped to talk with E. in Awarta but as we came up to his house we saw that an event was getting started. He spoke to us briefly telling us that the family was celebrating his engagement to be married. He invited us to come in but we wouldn't have felt comfortable. We wished him 'Mabruk' and continued with our shift. 

At the Huwwara checkpoint there were three soldiers; one was in the booth and two were checking a car. 

At the road to Mt. Grizim one soldier was on guard.

At the road to Qedumim settlement there weren't any soldiers.

 At Za'taraon the road from Nablus there were two soldiers, one checking and the other standing guard.