Hebron, South Mount Hebron, Monday, 10.10.2011, Morning

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Hagit B., Michal T. (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.


Route 317

We drove to Hebron via this road because we had heard that mounds of dirt had been placed as roadblocks again.  There were roadblocks of earth everywhere – opposite the turnoff to Asahel, the illegal outpost, and the entire section of the road up to Sussia is full of roadblocks on the right side of the road blocking cars coming from the south.  There were more towards the settlements of Maon and Carmel.   There are renovations beneath the entrance to the illegal settlement of Avigail as well, and it appears that a bus stop is being built there.  It appears that Israel is trying to dance at two weddings at once.   There is a lot of evil being done by people in this area and it appears that they are trying to make it difficult for people and herds of animals to pass, and we need to keep an eye on what is going on here.  At least we can see the wind turbines that were put up here for the people of Sussia who are being harassed by settlers.     

In Kiryat Arba there is a large sukkah near the grave of Baruch Goldstein for all those coming here to celebrate.  Malachi Levinger, head of the Kiryat Arba Regional Council, is attempting to prove that the people of Kiryat Arba deserve a cultural center.  His actions show that the actions of Goldstein and Kiryat Arba are alike.


The ugly "synagogue" of Hazon David just behind the checkpoint separating Kiryat Arba and the city reflects the settlers' character precisely. A large ragged tent stands out like a sore thumb in the middle of the area they are trying to take over next to the House of Contrition.  Worshippers from this sacred community emerge from the tent constantly.     
Soldiers from the paratroopers are manning the checkpoints on Shuhada Street and Tel Romeida.  The officers at the Tarpat checkpoint had not heard of Machsom Watch, but the soldiers from the Border Patrol surrounding the Cave of the Patriarchs had, and were surprised that the paratroopers had not.     
At least none of them are stopping or delaying anyone.  We will see what happens during Sukkot.