'Anata, Qalandiya, Thu 6.10.11, Morning

Judy E. and Sheila B. (reporting)

Arriving at 6am, we were aware of the long lines even before arriving at the Crossing as pedestrians were shouting in frustration and the vehicular area was backed up.  We were told that only 2 X-ray machines were opened until 6am, perhaps one reason for the backup.  The place, as we have noted earlier, is filthy.   

The cross road between Qalandiya and Hizma was so crowded that it took nearly an hour to get to Anata at which time the school children had already passed through.  Although all seemed to be moving well, the new crossing, unfortunately, is still not open.

Several soldiers told us about a pair of elderly women, one of whom is blind, who come to the gate daily but cannot pass through as they do not have the correct papers.  An Arabic speaker explained to them which office they need to visit to get the proper documentation, but apparently, they are still coming daily  Is there someone in MachsomWatch who could do the appropriate follow-up with this sad situation?