'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Tue 11.10.11, Morning

Leila S., Hanna H.

05:55 A'anin Checkpoint

The gate is open and a large portion of the crowd had already gone through.

Passage is quick.

The inspection post was removed from the checkpoint area down the hill on the other side of the gate - so now we can watch from a distance and see only that a few people were sent back. Those passing through tell us that despite their valid Tasreecgh (passage permit) they were sent back.

Every day about 150 people go through,the majority of them are young. A few of the young people report to us that only one family member receives permit to get to the olive groves to harvest the olives, and they usually receive no explanation for that. One did tell us that his son was denied a permit because he "does not belong to the land".

Another problem is that the A'anin farmers own plantations that are distant from the A'anin checkpoint but are rather close to the Araka checkpoint but they are not allowed to cross there. They claim that they waste half a day in unnecessary travel and are left with little time to work. They ask that the Araka checkpoint would open for them.

06:20- There are about 20 people and tractors awaiting passage.

06:30 Reihan checkpoint-

At the upper car park people wait for transportation. More people come up the sleeveinfo-icon at a fast pace and report to us that the terminal operates "without problems". At the vehicles' inspection post for those travelling into the West Bank, cars with passengers drive through swiftly, only papers are checked.

The checkpoint is conducted routinely.

07:10 - Shaked checkpoint

Most of the people had already gone through and a few are waiting by the turnstile.

Five cars carrying teachers, students, and bank employees cross over quickly from the Seam Line zone into the West Bank.

The arrangement where teachers who go into the Seam Line zone enter inspection without standing in line by the carousel, is valid only when teacher insist on maintaining it.

One teacher brings in a small quantity of books without prior arrangement (which is required) and stays at the inspection cabin longer than usual, due to the books.

Teachers are on their way to school only at 07:35.

07:25 School children arrive. They go through quickly as four soldiers inspect their bags.