Tayasir, Tue 11.10.11, Afternoon

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Revital S., C.D (guest), Rachela C. (reporting)

13:45 Bezeq checkpoint

We've gone through.

Very hot!!!

14:05 Hamra checkpoint

The half flag that flapped last week was replaced by a new one. The flag of the engineers corps is in place over the road post, as is the bulldozer that is parked East of the road post.

We stand at the same place where we were allowed to stand a week ago, but still three soldiers approach us - a commander and two soldiers. "Do you know where to stand?" "Don't bother us, or , I'll close". One of them says proudly that he is from the "Gaza area".

While we were there three mini-buses carrying workers, as well as some private cars, have gone Eastwards.

Cabs that went to the opposite direction. "Today all is well".

We greet pedestrians who walk by us with belts in their hands.

"no need for the checkpoints". We agree.

Taking one last puff from his cigarette before discarding it one says:"Thank you very much". He gets into the taxi and they drive off.

14:45 We left.

Alon road

The dikes are there as well as the settlements. Young soldiers of the "Kfeer" brigade are doing their basic training in small tents situated along the road, and on fire areas West of it.

15:10 - Tayasir checkpoint

Here too the commander on site walks all the way from his post towards us. :"Only up to the curve line! do not interfere or I'll close!" and walks away.

Here too we observed the changing of a torn flag: just that without ceremony , without a blast - one soldiers went up to the roof of the road post, changed the flag and went down.

Traffic is sparse.

15:40 We left.

16:00 Bezeq checkpoint- We drove through.