Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tue 4.10.11, Morning

Netanya G., Michal (reporting)

Translator: Charles K.



Cave of the Patriarchs: Jewish exception day

We hear this phrase once more. After Goldstein’s massacre, visiting days were set according to the holidays of both peoples on which there is complete separation at the Cave of the Patriarchs, and only members of one of the groups are allowed there. So yesterday, during Slichot, was such a day. Because large numbers of worshippers, who had already begun arriving in buses from the Southern Hebron Hills, were expected, Regional Council, this is what the city looked like:

Soldiers are stationed every 50 meters along the Tzion route, up to the Cave of the Patriarchs. Soldiers also stand at every corner along the Worshippers route. Soldiers and Israeli flags scattered on the rooftops in the area of the Pharmacy checkpoint. They’re also 50 meters apart all along Shuhada street. Border Police soldiers at the Pharmacy checkpoint told us that nobody may cross there except the schoolchildren. The route from Shuhada to the Cave of the Patriarchs is also closed off.

The paratroopers at the roadblock dividing area H1 from area H2, at the end of the Tzion route, between the Kapisha neighborhood and Giv’at HaHarsina have moved to the Palestinian side (why?) and are detaining people and checking their IDs. Only the God of IDF wisdom knows why. The locals say it happens every time; their lives are blocked so the people of Israel may ask forgiveness or pray safely and happily. With their backs turned and hearts sealed.  I wonder how the “Muslim exception day” is implemented. It’s worth coming to see. Netanya, who left us and returned to Jerusalem, reported that on Highway 60, near the location of last week’s attack, she saw armed settlers, men and women, walking with soldiers along the road, chasing away Palestinians.