Reihan, Shaked, Wed 28.9.11, Morning

Navah R.

The eve of Rosh Ha'Shana (the Jewish new year), closureinfo-icon.

07:30 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Three pickup trucks waited on the other side of the fence. Preceding them was Y., the driver of the schoolchildren, in his passengers' vehicle. The children had already gone through but Y. was detained for half an hour for an unknown reason.

On the other side of the fence a barricade was prepared for the soldiers, in case riots break out in the checkpoint area.

A very few pedestrians crossed from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone.

08:40 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

Private cars and cabs waited for passage from the West Bank into the Seam Line zone. There was no transfer of goods due to the closure and also because today is short work day .

Later pickup trucks arrived carrying eggs. It turns out there East Barta'a ran out of eggs and merchants received a special permit to transfer a certain amount of eggs. The eggs were divided among five trucks because there is a limit on number of eggs allowed in one truck. Checkpoint logic.

Merchants crossed over to East Barta'a.

Farmers and olive pickers were not allow through due to the closure.

09:45 I left the checkpoint. There are eggs at Barta'a.