Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 20.9.11, Afternoon

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Yael L.-J. (reporting). Avital F. (driving)

2:00 PM till 4:00 PM


General remarks:


It was one or two days before the debate of United Nations about the recognition of a Palestinian State. The Israeli Army had already begun to close up the Westbank.


Etzion DCL, 14:50 PM:   it was easy to get there. The parking lot and the waiting hall were empty.  At one of the walls a new notice was fixed on the  board telling the clients "through our new web-site www.cogat.idf.ill  you can be updated with the current information and can download a form. Contact the civil administration offices and view the map".


Nothing else was happening. We left.


Bethlehem– Checkpoint 300:   we arrived at about 3:00 PM. No client was to be seen.