Tayasir, Tue 6.9.11, Morning

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Revital S., Rachel Chayut (reporting and taking pictures)


3:50 Bezeq CP  - We got through/ Hot!!! Dry!!!

13:50 Hamra CP
There is an orange-white flag. Engineering Corps? There are many soldiers in the place. Twelve cars (Transits with workers and also private cars and taxis) waiting to the east of the CP. One of the drivers is standing in the middle of the road and looking over at the CP. We concluded from this that they have been waiting for some time. Even before we decided to approach the CP to ask, continuous passage began without any inspection of all the vehicles. A military vehicle had brought lunch and the soldiers were busy with [complaining about] the meal items that did not arrive; so they let the continuous passage go on without interference.

We approached the soldiers. They were upset. One of them came up to us to give us instructions about where to stand; thus we confirmed the hypothesis that they are soldiers from the engineering corps - those who staffed the CP a few months ago. He said that he is not allowed to mention the name of the brigade.

We asked the drivers who waited for their passengers to go through the inspection (and who came out with their belts in hand) their opinions about 'September'. A man from the Jiftlik: We don't talk about it, and don't know. Maybe the people from Ramallah know something.

People from Nablus: We have been in CPs for ten years already. We hope that they will be taken away. But people say that they will all be put back and then things will be worse. A man from the area of the CP: People say that it will be worse. We are farmers. If they close the passage here, we are 'done for'.

14:40  We left.


On the Alon Road: All the possible dirt roads from east to west are blocked with big stones, or with mounds of earth. To the north of the Guchiya Gate, they placed gigantic rocks on a mound of earth. To the west of the Ro'I settlement, and close to the camp of the Tyasir CP – there are black net tents and soldiers are doing military exercises. In the Maskiyot settlement, the construction of houses is going on. We could not identify the new houses, the  paving of the street is 
continuing in the direction of the south.


15:15  Tyasir CP

In a car, three people who live near Tyasir and work in the Tzuriel / Tara dairy in the Mechula settlement (at minimum wage): September? We don't want anything to change. This way is the best. Where will all the money go? To Abu Mazen?  We were asked not to interfere, ok? We didn't interfere. The CP activity - (repugnant) is as usual.

A sign and flags of the engineering corps can be seen here too ('Dohar Company'; 'Dohar Gunners'). The slogan on the flags: "When the road is hard and everybody slows down, I …. gallop [doher]". The camp guard asks to talk to us. He tells us that he is from Shderot, to 'the right of the right wing'. He is defending 'my nation and my state'. To do that he went home for the Sabbath. He is spending three years at the CPs because 'There's nothing you can do about it. All of them hate us. Facts: the expulsion from Spain, the Holocaust, the Arabs that hated my parents in Morocco …' He made it clear that he wants our gratitude in words or maybe even in cookies and cold Coca Cola.

15:50 We left

6:05 Bezeq CP
Where are you from?
This time as well, the young woman did not know that there are also Tyasir and Hamra CPs.