Reihan, Shaked, Tue 13.9.11, Morning

Leila S., Hana H.

8:05 Reihan checkpoint

The upper car park is full of people awaiting transportation. We're told that passage is swift. People go up the sleeveinfo-icon is a fast pace while waiving at us saying:"All is well". It is rather embarrassing watching them being content with this 'benefactors' routine.

07:00 Shaked checkpoint

The site is closed.

07:03 Security people and the military police just arriving.

07:06 The checkpoint opens. About 25 people enter from the side of the West Bank. 3 cars from the Seam Line zone cross over to the West bank quickly. There are roumors that the checkpoint would open in the mornings at 06:00. It is still unknown as to when and it might be only for the upcoming olive picking season. It is also unclear whether in such case in would close for a break already at 09:00.

07:15 The first laborer gets out in the direction of the Seam Line zone he is followed by more people in a pace of one every 1-2 minutes. There is a new arrangement for teachers who work at Um-el-Reihan, they enter the inspection cabin from the side without standing in line and immediately go into the Seam Line zone.

07:22 A van with small children (age 6) arrives and goes through fast; a military police person inspects their bags and only one soldier with a gun stands near him.

07:30 Many pupils arrive from Daher-el-Malec and quickly cross the checkpoint while having their bags inspected.