Mevo Dotan (Imriha), Reihan, Shaked, Sun 4.9.11, Morning

Ruthi T., Yoheved A., (Reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

07:10 Shaked Checkpoint

Today is the first day of school.  This is supposed to be a “daily life” checkpoint. Young children will soon be crossing from the seamline zone to their school in Tura in the West Bank.  The road leading to the checkpoint is surrounded by barbed wire making access difficult.  We asked the soldier about this and received a scornful look.  The shepherd with his donkey and herd of goats arrives.  The shepherd is allowed to cross via the road, but the herd has to make its way through the narrow opening.  Another rider crosses over on a white mule.   The girls and boys begin to arrive accompanied by an adult from the nearby village who has volunteered to see them through the checkpoint.  He waits for them all to arrive so they can cross together.  He is there to see how the children are treated: will they be forced to cross through the inspection facility?  The children are dressed in school uniforms and the girls have white ribbons and ponytails in their hair.  One girl is dressed like a princess with a crown on her head – it is evidently her birthday. The last of the children arrive and the adult lines them up.  Fortunately common sense prevails and the soldiers merely glance at their open schoolbags.  There is a white car from the Liaison and Coordination Administration parked at the checkpoint.   The elegant banker arrives and crosses but his car is checked every morning. 

We left.

07:50 Reihan Checkpoint
The Palestinian parking lot on the West Bank side is almost empty.  Evidently people are still on holiday for Eid el Fitr.  Soon the businessmen from Barta'a will arrive and park their cars.  There are 7 trucks waiting to be checked.   We continue to the village of Emricha to bring a bag of used clothing.  Ruthi gets out of the car to give the clothes to a young woman and they embrace and kiss. 

The Mevo Dotan checkpoint is unmanned.  Cars stop out of habit and then drive through.  

08:15– We return to Reihan Checkpoint to the seamline zone side. 

There are many taxis waiting to take people to Barta'a.  People come out of the sleeveinfo-icon and report that there is no delay going through the terminal.  Across the road private cars are crossing to the West Bank.  The passengers get out and only have their documents checked next to the checkpoint.    At 08:35 private cars and a truck drive out of the inspection facility.

We left at 08:45