Abu Dis, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Thu 8.9.11, Morning

Rachel M., Michaela R., (reporting together)

  n.b. The report is according to Israeli daylight-saving time, but in Palestine it's a winter clock.

6:10 Sheikh Saed
Lively crossing, no lines.
School bags of very young children, including kindergarten tots, were checked.  Permits were not required.
7:00 Olive Terminal
Lane 2, with a misspelled poster in Hebrew (something like "Wellcom") was closed.  Lane 3 was for pupils, and at Lane 1 there was a long line.  After a while, Lane 2 was opened, and the line grew shorter.
7:40 Wadi Nar
We drove through Abu Dis.  The road was quiet, no presence of security forces.
At the checkpoint we were greeted by a chorus of barking dogs, totally ignored by the security personnel.
There were random checks and detensions which lasted a few minutes.
Some young people got out of one of the detained cars to stretch their legs and smoke a cigarette.  They were asked by two soldiers to return to their car, in a dialogue in which neither side understood the language of the other.  Two got back into their car, a third continued smoking and drinking his coffee.  Their IDs were quickly returned, and the episode ended happily.