Habla, Mon 1.8.11, Morning

Niva D. (reporting), Dafna S., Translator: Judith Green


 Mon. AM, 1.08.11 (first day of Ramadan)



 Habla 06:55

  The soldiers open the gate 07:00  The first group of five enters.

07:04  The first group of five exits.

07:08  The second group of five exits

7:10  The third group exits.  There are only a few going through - maybe because Ramadan has just begun.

07:15  The fourth group exits.  More and more groups of workers are gathering beyond the fence;  the passage through is quick.

07:20  A large construction vehicle goes through after careful inspection by military police. (We met with the driver later, on the road next to the gas station of Alfei Menashe.) No workers at the Elias Gate.

07:45  Falamya crossing  The gate is empty, bored soldiers.  The military police, having nothing to do, comes over and asks for a light for his cigarette.  He says that at 06:00 about 30 people went through.

08:10  A donkey with a cart arrives. We didn't see any soldiers on the way.