'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 15.8.11, Morning

Leah R., Ana N.S.

To whom it may concern: the Palestinian clock has been moved back one hour.

06:15 - A'aneen checkpoint.

Passage is at its peak. The soldiers conduct strict, thorough inspections. It is up to them who may go through and who will return home, and at times this is done in a not very pleasant manner. Yelling at a person who's been denied passage, "Move, move back" and laughing among themselves.

Palestinians appear tired and sad, indifferent to our presence.

At the vehicles' inspection area there are three military vehicles and 10 people wearing the uniform of the military border police. Three soldiers stand next to each Palestinian under inspection  !

06:35 Three more military vehicles as well as a police car join in and the place looks like a military base ready for action. The soldiers whisper to each other. We can only guess what's going on and Leah tries to look through the grove to the right of the checkpoint.

A soldier who watches her orders her to leave and she refuses. Following a short argument he gives up but sets a female soldier to watch Leah.

Security Paranoia.

A minute before the c.p. closes down, two residents of A'aneen return to the village, the soldiers inquire why, and let them through. Two other who were two minutes late couldn't go through and were forced to wait until Three thirty p.m.. The representative of the DCO on site refused our request to open the gate.

To my question regarding the (Israeli) herd pasturing at the olive grove in A'aneen, they do agree that there is a problem. "Yesterday we banished 60 of them".

The entire military conduct , in our view, is aloof as if they've forgotten who is the owner of land here and who is a guest.

07:20 Shaked checkpoint

The c.p. is operational, a few cross over into the Seam Line zone.

The DCO vehicles leaves shortly after our arrival.

07:45 - Reihan checkpoint

Once again, fatigued faces of those who no longer expect anything.

An unemployed driver sleeps on a torn mattress under the shed.

A number of drivers waiting for their daily share of good fortune.

A radio in one of the cars reports of a fire at the Carmel.

People go out to work at the Seam Line zone in an ongoing stream, pass through the terminal and go up the sleeveinfo-icon.


08:10- We left.