Reihan, Shaked, Sat 6.8.11, Morning

Rachel H., guest: R.

First weekend of the Ramadan

07:0 - 07:45 Reihan checkpoint

One post is manned. The place is quiet. The usual hustle is not heard and there is no slamming of doors. Corridors are vacant. Very few people do cross the gate. 4 of the seamstresses are good looking and laughing.

In front of the vehicles' inspection shed the big handle of the gate opens widely and only 4 cars leave.

The person at the gate looks around and closes the gate. The handle goes down and again, there is no traffic.

The cleaning person sweeps the (clean) checkpoint area and picks up cigarette butts.

5-6 vans wait for passengers to Barta'a.

07:55 - Gate of the Shaked checkpoint

The place is desolate. A soldier wearing a helmet stands above the post, below him soldiers sit around a table. Perhaps they're playing? R., my guest,walks inside the "forbidden area". A soldier remarks quietly to her that she needs to leave (because???), and she leaves. To our question, they answer that they are new at this post.

The only vehicle that showed up, entered the inspection area after its driver and passengers were inspected inside the cabin.

08:15 - We left.