Reihan, Shaked, Tue 2.8.11, Morning

Leila S., Hanah H. (reporting)

06:00 Reihan checkpoint

At the upper car parking area about 15 people await transportation. They tell us that the checkpoint opened at 5:00 a.m. but until 5:30 passage has been extremely slow.

At this time passage of workers is at a reasonable rate. It seems that due to the Ramadan fast workers have arrived earlier than usual. It also appears that today fewer people go to work.

6 Trucks with merchandise which have arrived from the West bank wait on the road, to enter the inspection area. There are more trucks at the car park.

Quiet at the terminal, not too much activity and those coming in enter immediately.

6:45- The Shahak workers return home from their night shift.

An Israeli car crosses into the West Bank for work purposes, and is delayed for papers checkup. That slight delay appears to annoy settlers in their vehicles who angrily bypass the checkpoint while honking their horns.

7:00 - Shaked checkpoint

The gate opens exactly on time. An herd of sheep, 12 people and 2 cars await passage into the Seam Line zone. From the SLZ, 4 people in a car cross over.

7:30- The checkpoint us quiet and there's no one there.