Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 25.7.11, Morning

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Haya O.; Ada G. (reporting)

07:20 am, Bethlehem - CP300:

four booths were functioning but the passage was slow and poor. About 15 people were waiting at each booth. Alex, a Magav soldier (or security employee), demanded that we stand against the wall at the entrance as we were disturbing his duty. We refused to comply.

08:15 am, Etzion DCL:

an officer was handing out  stamped numbers according to a list that the Palestinians had drawn up. Some 70 people were waiting and some were still coming. Some of them were here the third time. As we approached the DCL, still in the courtyard, one of the soldiers (wearing a knitted skullcap) called out: "Death to the traitors", What's next???

09:45 am:  we were informed that the women, as well as some 10 men had been admitted. At 12:30, No. 21 was still waiting. At 15:00 pm, No 51 was still waiting.

This situation requires urgent improvement! Certainly on the Mondays.