Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 31.7.11, Morning

Efrat B., Sylvia P., Hanna A. (reporting)


07.00    Bethlehem – Checkpoint 300:

            there were many people outside but few inside.  We thought that

             everything was alright but this proved not to be the case.

07.20    The people coming out complained that there were still many workers

   outside. They were crowded on top of each other and they exited very

               slowly.  One could see a lot of anger on their faces.

Although four inspection stations were open in the hall, the main pressure  was not seen here.  At first there wasn’t a line for women; eventually it was opened but too late.  Because there was no womens’ line, two women came out with sick children ( Yechia and the son of Suad) after they had waited for an hour with their tired children in their arms.  It was intolerable !  They come three times a week, but are not acknowledged as mothers of children who have to undergo dialysis.

08.30    Etzion DCL:

               the hall was more than half empty, cool and clean.  People received numbers and their names were registered with the number.  They waited to hear their name called-out over the loudspeaker.  Each time that someone entered the whole row advanced by one seat.  An unusual

sight  . . . .