Hebron, Tarqumiya, Wed 27.7.11, Morning

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Raya and Hagit S. (reporting)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

Tarquomiya Crossing

We were pleased that Dudi, the vice-manager of the crossing, came up to us to clarify what had happened there the last time we were here (we were detained and when we attempted to ask why the guard closed the window in our face and refused to talk to us). We gave him details and he promised to clarify what had happened.

We entered Kiryat Arba without any problems. The Border Patrol is patrolling in the city. There is a sign on Beit Gutnick that reads: "Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria" and we saw other similar signs in the city. 

There are two TIPH volunteers at Abed's place near the Cave of the Patriarchs – one Turkish and one Sudanese from Norway. The Turkish volunteer is eager to talk to us and explains that the Jews in Turkey have no problems and that he has a lot of Jewish friends and neighbors. He explained how their organization works here. The streets are quiet and children wander about on summer vacation.  

Tarpat Checkpoint– A few people are sent back to be checked again.

At Tel Romeida there is one soldier who returns our greeting. 

We bought pita bread, coffee, and labaneh and went through the Tarkomia Checkpoint without any problems. This was a quiet day.