Bezeq CP,Hamra Beqaot CP, Fri 24.6.11, Morning

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Revital S., Rachel H. (reporting, photographer)

Translated by Ilil Naveh-Benjamin

5:45 Bezeq checkpoint

It’s dry.  Not hot yet this morning.  The dominant colour here is brown.  In front of Al-Farsia three soldiers are running around.  We haven’t met others later.

The way to the Hamra checkpoint reveals (after 5 weeks of our absence) a dirt embankment continuing south and near the road.

6:00 Hamra checkpoint

Five soldiers are standing at the checkpoint.  Later on, a female soldier emerges too. We’ve missed the crossing of the labourers through the checkpoint.  Traffic is only moving east now (from the West Bank to the Valley).  Most of those crossing are families in taxis.  A taxi driver tells us of the usual meticulous examination of bags, but adds that today it’s absent because we’re there.  We don’t perceive this as any particular cause for relief.

We discover a new building, a low one, standing adjacent to the southern fence of the checkpoint area and in front of the fenced shed (the one that once held a water container and space for the dogs to rest and eat).  We ask about this new building, and the response fits what we call a “detaineesinfo-icon shed.”  Our photograph of the shed shows that its northern side has no wall, but only something like a gate.  Also, one of its sides – bottom left – is falling apart.

7:00 - We left.

7:30 Meeting with Abu-Saker

Abu Saker asks us to join him in his house – or in what’s left of the sheds and tents where he’s resided with his family and cattle since the army destroyed everything.  It’s sad to see.  In the meantime, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has built him a tent, and a shed for the cattle.

The electricity generator isn’t working.  They couldn’t fix it in Tamoon. We loaded it onto our truck; maybe we can fix it in Afula.  Afterwards, given our newly heavy load and fuel contents, we gave up going through the winding roads to the Tayasir checkpoint.

8:30 Bezeq checkpoint

The checkpoint opened with no problems.