'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 1.8.11, Morning

Lea R.,Ana NS (reporting)

First day of Ramadan

06:03 A'anin, farmers checkpoint

On the way to the checkpoint we observe a cow, which belongs to Israeli farmers, inside an olive grove owned by farmers from A'anin. We called the DCO but neither Mahadi nor Raz - the police officer - were there. We left them a message regarding theviolation, which was supposed to have been taken care of.

The newly stationed soldiers on site inspect at the center of the checkpoint. Apparently due to the Ramadan only a few people arrived at the gate, among them some, mostly youngsters, who are sent back.

Inspection is as usual. A father and his son, equipped with all the relevant papers, ask to cross to the other side. The son is delayed. Leah calls the DCO, which in turn talk to the soldiers who allow the son to join his father.

Another person tries to bring in a 2-Liter bottle of oil and is denied. He is told that he can do that only from the Ephraim gate (one hour ride in each direction).

06:45 On the way to the Shaked-Tura checkpoint we see about 10 cows grazing leisurely in an olive grove. I call 100 (the Israeli police) to report the violation.

07:00 Shaked-Tura checkpoint

Soldiers march to the checkpoint, ignoring my "good morning", which atypically had escaped my lips.

07:10 The first group of people enters the inspection cabin. Here too only a few cross the gate. We receive a telephone call from Kdumeem police regarding our earlier call to them. I explain and ask to send patrol car stat., and give them the exact location of the grove. The officer on duty cannot send his only patrol vehicle and suggests we turn to the local community police, at Shaked. And so we'll do. Matti, the police officer, receives all necessary information; we tell him that Mahadi and Raz, at the DCO, are also informed. Matti promises to take care of the matter.

07:45 Dotan checkpoint

The c.p. is manned. One soldier approaches me to inquire who I am. I introduce myself , inform him that today begins the month of Ramadan, and ask that they refrain from eating in front of the Muslims.

Passage is without delays.

08:00 Reihan-Barta'a checkpoint

We drove down swiftly on the road paved for the privileged ones, like us. On the left there is a Palestinian family, young and old, all waiting for inspection prior to crossing over to the West Bank , a usual sight here.

Pickup trucks which we had observed waiting, on our way to the checkpoint, are now on their way to the center of the inspection post for paper check-up.

Only about 5-6 worker come and go at this time.

We report oil which we had purchased.

The drivers from Barta'a at the end of the sleeveinfo-icon complain of lack of work.

08:10 - We're on our way home.