Reihan, Shaked, Sun 7.8.11, Afternoon

Ruthi T., Yocheved A.,


Translation:  Bracha B.A.


17:00 – Reihan Barta'a Checkpoint Drivers are sitting on the step waiting for passengers and there are only a few people at this time.  Most of the people coming are carrying shopping bags, perhaps because of Ramadan. 

We talk with one of the drivers, who says that his six-year-old son is fasting because of Ramadan.  He says that on a good day he has four trips and earns NIS 200.  The last time we spoke with a driver he said he only had two trips each day.  HE says that women have an easier time finding work, but that his wife remains at home to work and care for the children. 

Several drivers approach us about requesting permits that have been refused and ask for our help.   We ask one of the drivers from the seamline zone why he was refused a permit and he explains that when he was a teenager he was imprisoned in "Ketziot" for several months after he threw stones at Israeli soldiers.   The gate and turnstile are open most of the time and whoever arrives crosses through.   Suddenly a military vehicle drives up between the building and the gate.  All the crossings are closed and everyone has to wait for some time.  We left at 17:50.

18:00 – Shaked Tura Checkpoint
There is very little traffic.  A second lieutenant, a kibbutznik from the Jezreal Valley wearing a helmet and a bonnet like hat, came to warn us about reckless drivers, particularly during Ramadan.   When we seemed doubtful, he went on to tell us about a seven-year-old who was caught here with a belt containing explosives.  When we had not heard about that either he said, "What, haven't you heard about the "suicide" Valley near A'anin either?" Suddenly we heard a ten-year-old child cryingand a child came running back from the checkpoint in the direction of the West Bank.  He uncle had come to pick him up on the seamline zone side and the soldiers did not let him cross the checkpoint.  His uncle called to him across the barbed wire fence and he was told to go through the inspection facility.    We applauded him for his bravery.  Meanwhile his uncle told us about his 71-year-old father who needs to undergo radiation therapy in Jerusalem and is in need of a ride to the hospital.  We referred him to Yuval Roth.

We left at 18:40.