Reihan, Shaked, Tue 9.8.11, Morning

Hannah H. and Yocheved J.


6.00 Reihan CP

Workers complain that at the Reihan CP they were harassed for a whole hour from 05.00 a.m. – going back and forth through 'the machine' (x-ray) until they finally came out at 06.00. At 06.20 the stream of people coming out is as usual. Again we confront the painful problem of a Palestinian man who married a woman from the seamline zone and her whole family lives there; but when she married she lost the permit she had to enter and leave Israel according to her own needs and desires. She now has difficulties visiting  her family in the seamline zone. They ask us if we, who are aware of the problem, can do something about this ….

07.00 Shaked CP

Sixteen people are waiting to go through and there are also a herd of goats, a donkey, and one car. All of them go through as usual. To arrange this, there are six soldiers here … A family with many children arrives in a vehicle which is inspected within five minutes and all of them go ahead. Wonder of wonders!

We return to Reihan to pick up Muhammed, the father of Ali (who is hospitalized in Rambam) and his little brother who is giving him bone marrow. We all wish them success in the transplant.