'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 25.7.11, Morning

Lea R., Anna N. S. (reporting)



06.15 A'anin CP

Thirty people and a number of tractors are waiting at the middle gate of the CP. The inspection is being done at the front of the CP near the gate that leads to the seamline zone. This time they are inspecting with a magnometer as well. A resident approaches, hands over his ID and permits to the nearest soldier; the soldier passes him through to the soldier near the vehicle for him to do the inspection and make a record in the computer. The first soldier inspects the man with the magnometer. Middle-size bags are opened. At the side there stands an armed  security guard. The document is returned and the person goes through. Usually the inspection takes only a few minutes.

Children go through with parents, witnesses to the situation of the occupation. They live it. Summer camp.

A woman with three young children goes through – apparently for a family visit.

Until 06.45 a few dozen people have gone through. We did not hear any complaints out of the ordinary. The occupation and its routine …

07.00 Shaked-Tura CP

We meet the Israel archeologist waiting for Palestinian workers. His staff is carrying out a dig to salvage remains in Shaked, collecting finds from the Hellenistic / Roman era. When this dig will be finished the location will be  covered over and they will go on with work for developing the settlement. The work is being carried out under the supervision and responsibility of the Civilian Administration because, according to the archeologist, Shaked "is not Israel". Today is the last day of work on this dig; the workers will continue working on digs in other locations in the area.

Those workers are the first to go through. The rest go through at a reasonable pace. There are a few dozen, especially from the West Bank to the seamline zone. Only a few go through in the opposite direction. A herd of goats has also gone through.

07.30 Reihan-Barta'a CP

The devastating routine of the occupation. Pick-up trucks enter and leave; workers for Barta'a and for other places in the seamline zone go through and return. A few are returning from the night shift. Everything goes slowly; there are practically no drivers; the parking lot is filthy; as are the bathrooms.

08.00 We leave.