Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Sun 31.7.11, Morning

Tal A., Yael Z. (reporting)

Meytar Crossing

No workers. Prisoners' families (on way to weekly visit) are in the checking-lane. Two busses will be going today.

Route 60

The road is empty, only maintenance vehicles are working there, which is somewhat puzzling given the road's good condition.

Next to Estamo'ah we saw a resident-soldier taking a life – first sign of life from this settlement.

The entire route is open and there's no military presence to be seen.


Kfir Brigade, Shimshon Battalion is securing the city.

Checkpoints seem empty and soldiers are bored. We talked with two [ultra-religious] soldiers in one of the guarding posts on Tel Rumeida. Both are from Gush-Etzion and expressed sympathy for our project but argued that so long as there are checkpoints they must be manned and guard against terrorists.

They received an order to take identity details from whoever goes down the road, but it seemed as if they detained only the young ones for check-up.

The city is empty, only the children with the vessels could be seen walking, to bring some soup home.

The grocery at Tel-Rumeida is closed, perhaps the Ramadan has begun already… but so we made our purchases at the grocery next to the Meriva house (the house of Quarrel).

Return along route 60 was smooth and quick just as on way in.