'Anata, Qalandiya, Thu 2.6.11, Morning

Judy E, Sheila B and Jackie S
Jackie was our guest today as we visited Qalandiya, Hizma and Anata.

We arrived at Qalandiya at 6:30 and were satisfied that both the vehicular
traffic as well as the people crossing through was being efficiently managed
even though at times, the traffic was heavy.

As with Kalandiya, Hizma had quite a bit of traffic but the lines were moving
steadily through.

When we arrived at Anata, we were told by a citizen who was involved with
the safety of the children that one soldier was creating problems for the
12-14 year old children.  The soldier at the gate confirmed that there had
indeed been some type of misunderstanding but he assured us that the soldier
had been replaced.

Unfortunately, we did not see any progress at the crossing where the
children must pass and the area remained overcrowded and bumpy, a safety
hazard in our opinion.  It might be helpful if the crosswalk were clearly
marked and supervised by the local community.