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Ruth O., Yael Y. (reporting)




.We passed Sheikh Saed, all is as usual at the checkpoint as well as along the garbage slope.
In the recently inaugurated Zeitim neighbourhood the new building is not yet occupied.  The renovations of the police station are progressing and the building looks well, clean courtyard with parking spots already marked out.  How will crossing take place between both parts of the "new neighbourhood"? Perhaps a bridge will be built; or crossing the road will be permitted only to residents?
New gatesinfo-icon have been added to the Pishpash.  A gate closes the way to the pillbox next to the monastery entrance.  Entry to the homes along the wall is possible only from up the road where a new gate can be found, but it is not locked and can be moved.
Olive Terminal is empty. Many vehicles are parked along the road going up to the Crossing, probably belonging to people working in Al Ezariya or Abu Dis who cross the checkpoint without their vehicles.