Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Thu 7.7.11, Morning

Michal Z., Shachar, Yael Z. (reports)


The CP is empty, event the three buses of prisoners' families have already been checked and crossed over.

Route 60

All side roads are open but not many cars are seen on the road. Three army vehicles were seen watching the side roads but the traffic wasn't interfered.


The city is quiet and almost empty. Only young children with pots were seen on their way to the mosque to get their daily soup.

Neither CPT volunteers no TIPH observers were seen around. The soldiers at the different CP looked bored as very few people crossed.

We were engaged with the various graphity trying to help Shachar with her seminar. She took photos and we had the opportunity to focus on the differences between the different styles of "wall discourse".

We checked two shops and went back home with full bags.