Reihan, Shaked, Tue 5.7.11, Morning

Laila S. and Hanna H. (reporting)

Reihan Checkpoint

6:00 – Labourers are waiting for a ride at the upper parking lot, and it’s clear that many taxis have left already.  Those departing who spent only a few minutes at the terminal confirm that “today’s OK.  Not like yesterday when the machine was broken and we left only at 7:00.”  In the closed area, merchandise trucks and passenger vehicles are being examined.  There, too, we’re told, drivers are subjected to a physical examination, which delays things considerably.

We’re told about a Barta’a resident, a former prisoner and current music shop owner, who used to be able to get to Jenin with no problems.  But recently, he’s started taking twice-weekly driving lessons, and since then he’s been delayed each time, each way for about an hour or an hour and a half.

6:25 – The flow of people is moving along.

Shaked Checkpoint

7:00 - The gate is open, and inside the checkpoint there’s an army vehicle and DCO vehicle, but the soldiers haven’t arrived yet, and the West Bank side of the gate is still closed.  At 7:05 the gate opens, and about 10 people wait to go through.  The first of them finishes crossing through at 7:10.  Pedestrians go through both ways, as do cars.  The time it takes each car to go through is about 4-5 minutes.