Reihan, Shaked, Tue 28.6.11, Morning

Leila S., Hanah H. (reporting)

6:00 Reihan checkpoint

The CP was opened at 5:00 am but the pace of workers coming out of inspection is slow. Workers who arrive at the checkpoint enter immediately but prior to entering the inspection post there is a long line. According to them :"Only when Sharon or another person in charge are on site all goes smoothly, when they're absent, all is slow".

Activity is routine. At the vehicles inspection area pickup trucks and cabs are inspected. On the way out of the sleeveinfo-icon there are many taxis and vans waiting to pick up workers and drive them to their various places of employment. A local usher put things in order.

6:40- There is still crowding at the entrance to the terminal. Workers from the rug factory came running out of the terminal straight to the car waiting for them out side.

6:50- Because we had transferred bottles of oil, we went through the closed inspection area - the bottles were screened.

Inside the inspection cabins, on the inspecting equipment there is inscription both in Hebrew and Arabic.

7:05 - Shaked checkpoint

About 20 people stand by the turnstile, they cross the checkpoint in a pace of every 2 minutes. Pedestrians cross over on both directions. 5 cars went into the Seam Line zone and one to the West Bank. Passage time is 5-8 minutes.

A sick child and his mother changed inside the inspection area from the car that had drove them over to a car of a volunteer from the non-profit organization "The way to healing" of Dr.Yuval Roth, who had taken them to a hospital.

7:25A cab with observers for the matriculation examinations arrives from the West Bank. The observers who hold the exams in their hands cross over without inspection, just by a list. The cab is inspected for 5 minutes and they proceed.