Bethlehem, Fri 8.4.11, Morning

Claire O. (reporting).

am   09.30 – 11.00

Bethlehem– Checkpoint 300: 

Very few Palestinians are crossing today, and there is no noise from the Palestinian side of the checkpoint.  Two inspection stations are manned.

   The principal characteristic today is that everyone who arrives is required to place his hand on the well-known machine again and again until approval is received.

The main activity on this shift is our observation of the exercise that officers practice on the soldier in one of the inspection stations.  Two soldiers dress-up as Palestinians who want to cross.  One of them tries to sneak past the inspection station, and the second one begs the soldier to do him a favor.  The soldier indeed catches the first “Palestinian”, and regarding the second one doesn’t let him through but asks to check his papers again and starts to telephone . . . .

There is a lot of laughter; all the checkpoint staff is very amused and pleased with itself.