Hussan, Nahalin, Wallaje 05.04.2011 PM

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Yael I., Ruth O., Orit Y., Ilana D. (reporting)


3:00 till 6:30 PM

Hussan, Nahalin and Wallaje

On the tunnel road the ‘improved’ wall with its decorative lining is nearing completion. The Tunnel Checkpoint looked even larger than before with its new permanent buildings for checking vehicles going south. The coffeemaker across from the old El-Khader entrance is ill, no ‘market’ has developed here despite the large crowds. There were many taxis and there was quite heavy traffic up and down under Road 60. The raod wasn’t muddy, but is a strain on the motor of the cars. When we suggested a detour via Nashash or Beit Jalla the drivers told us it would take too much gasoline. We wanted to inspect a new wall in Nahalim and drove through Hussan, plunged under the road to Beitar Illit and somehow managed the winding potholed road through Nahalin, but didn’t discover any new separation wall. On the way back via Gava’ot we entered Rosh Tzurim towards the observation point over Beitar Illith which is constantly growing and has become ENORMOUS.

Har Gilo is expanding in all directions and in Wallaje the construction of the wall continues after the High Court decision. Mountains are moved and the fate of the village looks sealed. We drove to the Cremisan and enjoyed the landscape and the view which looked just like in the old times until we were again faced with the new tragic reality. Even our friend the old A. has become pessimistic. His one son had started a business in Jericho and opened a pastry shop, but after two months he was bankrupt and had to give up the new equipment, ovens, refrigerators etc. he had invested in with loans. We were served the fancy tasty leftovers from his enterprise with the coffee. New trees have been planted recently, but A. has not much hope. The beehives also were less successful than expected. He was just sitting on his land when his olive trees were uprooted in quiet protest when he was forcefully removed. They broke his pink finger and sprayed teargas straight into his one eye. Since then his vision is blurred and his eye is tearing constantly. Two of his sons work in Bethlehem one as a plumber and the other as a certified electrician, but they make only 80 or 100 Shekels a day not enough to get married and the future looks bleak.

Next to the house of our young friend A. a few more houses have been built very close to him to the regret of this wonderful couple. He was not home yet, a good sign, since it meant he was still at work. This last month he has had work every day. His wife was very happy to see us, the children are a delight – very well brought up and polite. The eldest is starting his final exams and hopes to qualify for university (to become a male nurse) in the fall. The youngest showed us with pride his fancy certificate of excellence in school.