'Azzun, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla, Qalqiliya, Mon 27.6.11, Morning

. Shoshana Z, Leora S., Nina S. (reporting), Translator: Judith Green



 Quiet morning.  Ordinary day of occupation.

06:50  Habla Gate open.  The passage isn't quick, but also not terribly slow.  20 Palestinians pass through in 15 minutes.  We met Anat at the Gate, Tamar and her son, who is preparing a film on checkpoints for the Internet.  The soldiers refused to talk with them or with us.  The Palestinians were happy to be interviewed.

08:00  Eliyahu Gate. About 10 people are waiting in line.  We passed through the entrance to Qalqilyah, everything was open. We entered 'Azzun from the direction of Izbat Tabib in order to see the new fence.  It exists, but doesn't yet reach the whole way.  At 'Azzun, everything was normal, a lot of female students walked with textbooks.


 Jayyus - We visited Naim and brought him a lot of clothes to sell in his second hand shop.  He welcomed us very nicely.

09:30 Falamya. Eveything was quiet, a van went by while we were there. On the way back there was no one standing in line at Eliyahu Gate.  We didn't see any military activity, unlike the previous day