Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 20.3.11, Afternoon

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Watchers: Daniella G., Maya B.-H. (reporting)

 Etzion, 3:15 pm:  we called ahead to find out if the DCL is open. Indeed it is. But of course, there's a curfew on for the Purim holiday. So there was not a soul in sight in the waiting room. But there were 2 soldiers behind the armored glass window. We called out to them "Happy Purim". Lo and behold -- they greeted us back! So we found out something valuable: When they want to hear us, they can hear us.

Bethlehem- Checkpoint 300: strong wind blowing, and the walkway up to the CP is full of plastic bags and aluminum cans blowing in the wind. Only one window is operating for both directions, but this is quite enough, because there are hardly any people crossing. Passage is as swift as those that pass can move.