Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Wed 22.6.11, Afternoon

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Raya and Hagit S. (reporting)

Shachar (Guest student)

Translation: Bracha B.A.

10.30 - 13.30


Tarquomiya crossing appears quiet without a lot of traffic.


There is not a lot happening on Route 35.  At the entrance to Hebron the settlement of Avihai still has six buildings, and the builder is on the roof of one of them.  There is a lot of graffiti at Curve 160. There are seven detaineesinfo-icon at the Cave of the Patriarchs, and the soldiers from the border patrol claim that checks take five to ten minutes.  They ask us to move away from their position.   We had tea at Abed's store and noted that fifteen minutes had already passed.  Finally a jeep from the border patrol arrived and the detainees were released.  At Beit Guttnick the music is still playing, but at a reasonable volume.  A day camp with about 50 children passes by and Japanese television photographers are filming a movie about Hebron and the conflict.  (We were invited to Abed's 19-year-old son's wedding.)

Shuhada Street is empty, and there are only two TIP people there.  At Tel Romeida there are two soldiers from the Kfir Brigade who talk with us courteously- a big improvement after the soldier we met here on our last visit.

A bus arrives from the "Mount Hebron Development Company."  It is carrying American religious tourists returning  from a visit to the neighborhood above us.  There are a lot of settlers' cars here today.  Soldiers are on a foot patrol on the road leading up from the cemetery.  Bassem was not in his store today, so we continued to Azam's metal shop and bought pita, labaneh, and other groceries.