Reihan, Tue 14.6.11, Morning

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Laila and Lea


Reihan Checkpoint 06.40

Vans with vegetables wait for the security checks. We see few people in the checkpoint  but all the time more workers keep coming, rushing in, all of them work in eastern Barta`a. In reply to our questions they say "everything is fine"… "All of them okay".

We meet Ali, who returns from a short visit with his family in the west bank. The visit was supposed to strengthen him, now he returns (with us) to the hospital Rmbam in Haifa. He is 11 years old and going through a tough and long medical treatment.

Security guard Maor is very helpful, he let him pass the checkpoint in the car and not on foot. The security ppl examine the documents of Alis mother, examine the things in her bag, and Maor helps all the way, calm and with goodwill. We appreciate it and also pray that poor Ali will get better.