Reihan, Shaked, Wed 1.6.11, Morning

Hedva Heller, Nava Raveh


 Translated by Ilil Naveh-Benjamin

07:45  Shaked Tura c.p

A few cars pass by.

A resident of Um Reihan (in the seam zone) arrived in his car with a television he planned to fix in Yabed, in the West Bank.  The soldiers ose who checked the television told him that to let it pass, he had to take it apart first.  T­he man returned to Um Reihan and took it apart with a screwdriver.  You can’t bring screwdrivers to the checkpoint!  The man and the car returned, waited again, were re-checked, and passed through with the taken-apart television.  Question: and how will he return through the checkpoint with the television repaired?

Another man, a native of Yabed, has a charcoal factory.  He lives with his family in Dahr el Malek in the seam zone.  He’s been working in Israel for the past six years as a tree trimmer and logger, and he brings felled trees with him to his factory in Yabed.  His work permit in Israel is due to expire at the end of the week.­  He went to the District Coordination and Liaison in Salem to renew his permit, but was refused.  His wife passes through to Yabed every night to make food for the factory workers.  She has no problems with permits.

09:55 Children/students return from the West Bank to the seam zone after an exam.  At 10:00 the gate is closed for a break.  We leave.

10:05 Reihan Barta’a c.p
Six cars entered the checkpoint to be examined.  One driver told me today that 42 (!) drivers are attempting to make a living from the checkpoint.  The parking lot is overcrowded.  Here, too, children came through after an exam.

11:00 Seven heavily-loaded trucks entered the checkpoint to be examined.  We left the checkpoint.