Habla, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 31.5.11, Afternoon

Riva Bachrach and Petahya (reporting)



13:50 –

The Habla gate is open, thee are almost no people. We had a conversation with the soldiers. They were reservists, one of them a resident of Ariel. He asked us if, when Ariel will be in the Palestinian state and Palestinian soldiers will stand at the CP, then too we shall come and watch how they are treating the Jewish population.


14:20 –

Izbat Tabib – the soldiers are completing the gate around the village near road no. 55 and are waiting for the decision of the High Court of Justice concerning the completion of the fence inside the village.


After that we drove through Punduk, Karyat Haja, Kira, Elrass.


15:35 –

Jabara Elrass CP – many people, from both sides, those entering and those leaving, are waiting in the sun to be checked in the machine.



The Irtah passage flows. But the workmen complain that in the morning they do not leave by the gate by which they usually leave, but from the other side of the parking lot. When we asked the person responsible for the reason, he answered that those who arrived at 06:45 found the gate already shut, so they were moved to the other side.