Reihan, Shaked, Mon 30.5.11, Afternoon

Yocheved G., Chana H. (reporting)

Translator:  Charles K.

15:00  A’anin checkpoint.

The checkpoint is open, and people begin crossing.  Those going through are:  a family with four children, three tractors and nine other people.  By 15:10 they’ve all gone through and the soldiers rest.

15:20  Shaked checkpoint.

Three people are working in the tobacco field next to the checkpoint; one soldier stands near the fence watching them.

A car crosses from the West Bank to the seam zone.  The crossing takes five minutes.  The driver tells us that in the morning he goes to Jenin through the Reihan checkpoint “because it’s faster,” and returns through the Shaked checkpoint “which then is faster.”

A few more people cross quickly to the seam zone.

15:45  Reihan checkpoint.  The upgrading of the terminal continues.  Today the Israeli parking lot has been paved with asphalt.  Workers return laden with packages and immediately go through the terminal.  One of those crossing is asked by a soldier standing on the terminal’s upper level to spread the contents of his packages on the bench.  Two booths are open.  Two students returning from Jenin complain they were detained “a long time” at the checkpoint.

A resident of A’anin returning from work tells us that he (or any other member of his family) can’t obtain an agricultural permit to work their olive grove.  He submitted a request three months ago and hasn’t yet received an answer. 

16:15.  The flow of returning workers increases; the rate at which they cross has slowed and not all of them enter the terminal.  And now the second booth (which dealt with people returning from Jenin) closes, and only one booth is open to handle people coming from both directions.

16:40  The second booth opens again and the crossing time is reasonable.