Abu Dis, Az-za'ayyem, Wadi Nar, Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Thu 9.6.11, Morning

Rachel M., Michaela R. (reporting)


6:20 Olive Terminal
Three lanes are active, with a line in each.  The place is peaceful.  Crossing is fast -- c. 5 minutes.
6:40 Az-za'ayyem
Passengers disembark from the minibuses and stand between the fences.  The vehicles are checked, passengers re-embark after their papers are checked.
The vehicles are checked one by one.  From time to time a vehicle is delayed for further checks including IDs, car licensing papers, trunks (with a dog). 
Around 6:45 a line of cars begins to form, and those cars which are being more thoroughly checked are diverted to the side to enable the rest of the traffic to speed up. One car with two young men was delayed for about 15 minutes, but checks were on the whole much faster. 
As always, different branches of the security forces are represented: border police, military police, and civilian guards.
Wadi Nar
Traffic flowing unimpeded.  Three border-policemen came up before we even stepped out of our car, and tried to define for us the "borders of the zone", then offered us water.  Then a female soldier came up and asked us not to film the dog in action.  An interesting conversation ensued.