Bethlehem, Tue 8.3.11, Morning

Idit S., Drora P. (reporting)


Bethlehem– Checkpoint 300 (Rachel's Crossing):  we arrived at our usual time, but unlike the last few weeks, many people were still plodding along in the queue.  There were only three inspection stations open and the soldier inside one of them was asleep in his chair. This situation of course caused a slow-down at that station and smiles and laughter by those trying to get through, instead of being angry.  We questioned the officer in charge of the checkpoint and he told us that he was aware of the situation and would handle it.  After some time the soldier stood up and started to deal with the people.

The crowd arrived for the last inspection in wave after slow wave.  One of the women attempting to pass through the checkpoint, who teaches in the old city and passes through the checkpoint every day, was refused passage on the grounds that her permit was not in order.  With the help of A (an officer in the civil administration) she was allowed to pass and was instructed to go to the civil administration office to have her permit updated.

We left at close to 08.00 and only then was the queue almost ending.